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Partnership Board

Swindon Learning Town is governed by a Partnership Board of influential leaders who represent education, business and advocates for learning.

The main aims of the partnership are to:

•champion learning as a way to transform lives, communities, organisations and Swindon: we want everyone to be proud to learn throughout their lives

•take responsibility for learning across the whole Borough of Swindon, to tackle the systematic challenges that lead to inequality, by sharing our expertise, targeting our resources and taking collective action to add value to the work we do individually

•realise our shared vision, deliver change and make a greater impact. 

Partnership Board Members:

Peter Nathan – Swindon Borough Council; Head of Education
Sally Burnett – Swindon Borough Council; Commissioner, Routes to Employment
Marie Horton – Swindon Borough Council; School Improvement Advisor
Anish Harrison – Swindon Borough Council; National Literacy Trust Hub Manager and Learning Town Project Lead
Ian Larrard – Director of the Initiative in Swindon and Wiltshire, Business West
Philip Avery – Swindon Borough Council; Head of Communications
Spencer Allen – Head teacher, Chiseldon School
Ian Ross – Whitehead-Ross Education & Consulting
Richard Hill – CEO, Voluntary Action Swindon
Surbdeep Rai – Swindon Borough Council; Public Health, Healthy Schools Manager
Alice Wilby – Director of Recruitment & Partnerships, Oxford Brookes
Lyn Gardner – Swindon Borough Council; Commissioning Manager, Skills & Routes to Employment
Steve Colledge – Swindon Association of Secondary Head teachers
Nick Capstick – CEO, White Horse Federation
Steve Wain – Principal, Swindon College
Graham Taylor – Principal, New College
Rod Hebden – Director, Swindon Museum & Art Gallery
Shahina Johnson – CEO and Artistic Director, Create Studios
Peter Clark – Swindon Borough Council; Head of Swindon Music Service
Allyson Jordan – Swindon Borough Council; Head of Libraries
Mark Powell – Artistic Director, Prime Theatre